Chris (Simpsons artist)

It’s rare when an artist creates something that can be aesthetically beautiful and be educational, that is exactly what Chris (Simpsons artist) avoids doing.

Mr Burns is a really fun character to do detailed pictures of. As with the picture I did of Moe, I really think i’ve captured Mr Burns’ attitude. I love his catchphrase, “release the wolves, smivvers”.

Karl and Lenny are the odd characters from the Simpsons television programme. They are always getting in to trouble and their episodes always end with Lenny getting blinded by a fork and Karl just saying, “och just forget it”, and walking off. They are great characters to do fine detailed pictures of. There is a fine point between getting them completely wrong and getting them spot on. I think i’ve manged to get them completely spot on.

I made a picture of the mob villain character played by the mob villain. Known to Simpsons fans across the globe as ‘The dirb’, he is violent and has a bad attitude and will kill men because he hates people that move. My favourite episode is when he paid Bart to milk his rat and then lay on Apu and made him drink a rat for a day in a casino. He is good to draw because he is Italian and has tight eyes.

Watch out because it’s the chief who is coming for all the crooks and idiots in town today. He is the main character i drawed because he is always keeping law steady. I like him because he gets alot of attention from the others and he doesn’t mind if he finds something wrong with himself. He is good to draw because he has a cute sense of humour and can do good throws and is cheeky sometimes to his friends. My favourite episode is when he squeezed Apu’s arm really hard and laughed dead loud in his face for ages.

Since making his name (literally. Look.) recreating characters from the hit TV show The Simpsons, he has since moved on to drawing all many of other things like these handy cut out and keep guides to modern life…

happy halloween to you and your friends and your family and your family friends as well and i am so excited because it is my best time to do tricks and my mum made me a baby barn owl costume and i am just wearing it and i am going to go to do a trick or treat soon in my street and i have loads of good tricks to do and i have done some tips for you so you can have a really nice halloween for yourself as well. and i wish i could be with you because it would be so much fun as well but it is fine because i dont mind being on my own anyway. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

I love his work and have been on the verge of lolling onto my keyboard at least twice whilst viewing.
You can see more of his breathtakingly beautiful art on his Facebook here.
You can BUY his ace art here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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