“Art is having a communication with an inanimate object” -Alex Prager

Alex Prager, American self taught photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. She takes inspiration from both the past and present. Her experimental films fuse Tarantino’s modern and vibrant cinematography with common conventions used in Alfred Hitchcock’s and Jean-Luc Godard’s productions.

Prager’s first film Despair (2010) is worth a watch, the 4 minute abstract movie captures a beautiful tragedy. Inspired by the 1948’s classic “Red Shoes”. The artist states the film is like a full sensory version of one of her photographs, telling the story of the girl in the photo and the world around her.

Her Photography resembles movie stills, she brings the art alive with her brilliant colour palettes and retro fabrics. She uses dramatic lighting and interesting angles to enhance the emotion. This to me conveys her love and fascination of cinematic melodrama.

Words. Johanna Bras.


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