Vienna Goes Verticle in Trafalgar Sq.

Check this video from our buddies at Vice, mental acrobatic displays on a vertical slant!

At 21m high this is the biggest structure erected in the iconic square and featured a lineup of art, music, light and aerobatic displays. The show was based around the many creative elements that make up modern day Vienna, from the obvious; Viennese Waltz, Gustav Klimt, to the rapidly flourishing electronic music scene, the food and the wine. The show played four times a day from 25th to the 26th of October, and was watched over by the world’s highest bungee jump record holder Jochen Schweizer and his team.

Between the wonderfully bizarre performances, members of the public were invited to test their nerves by braving a vertical walk down the face of the wall… not one for the faint hearted! (i.e. me)

Find out more about the Vienna Tourist Board here.


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