Market Day

Most Tuesday mornings I go to the outdoor market in Huddersfield (just next to Tesco). I collect all sorts of things from there that influence my designs from old bottle labels, matchboxes, old photographs, tabacco tins and all sorts of other stuff.

The picture above is of some items today i purchased.

The first item is a large tin. It was £2.50. It used to contain little boiled sweets from the Daintee Chocolate Confectionary Co. in Blackpool, a company that is still around today. Doing a little bit of research I think it is probably 1950’s.. but not 100% sure.

The Second item is a small pack of matches taken from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The matches are still all in tact inside and fully useable with the lighting strip on the back.

I have no idea as to what era they are from but they are a nice little thing to have on my shelf, considering my brother has just spent the week in Las Vegas. (They were 25p)

The Third item is the “Jolly Nigger Mechanical Saving Bank”… that is what it’s called not what I call it…. These money boxes date back to the late 1800’s and were very popular for kids at the time. This particular one is a Starskies model, they were various different models you could get at the time. It is made out of steel i believe, as it weighs a tonne. There is a lever on the back which raises the arm and opens the mouth to put the money into the money box. A nice little desk item for me and it was only a fiver.

The Last items are a couple of old posca paint pens. They are running out of ink but I don’t mind filling them up with something else and continuing using them as the nibs are fine. 50p each.

Oh and I bought Wiley – PLaytime for 50p…

If you ever have the time it is worth paying a visit to the open market, there are things you can get there that look awesome on your desk, can be re-used or help as part of designs.

-Lucas, Dirt Cheap


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