You Savvy???!

Our good friend Savvy aka Asaviour over at has dropped a little christmas gift for y’all!

Wassup people hope your all having a great Christmas

I thought I might aswell hit you up with a little selection of tracks you might have missed from my giveaways over the year.

The selection includes:

Relay Race – Graziella (Missfrank)
Can’t Hold Me – Yogi (Antorage)
Claustrophobia (T.S.T.A) – Savvy (Saving Grace)
D90 Rules Remix – Braintax (Lowlife)
Airtight – Sonnyjim (Eatgood Records)
Gully – Asaviour & Apatight (Saving Grace)
Firtin Remix – Terri Walker (Roc Nation)

You can download the tracks here >>>

Feel free to share, blog, twitter and whatever else is done with music nowadays.

Cheers Savvy!

A very happy New Year to everyone from the Dirt Cheap headquarters, hope 2011 is a good year for all!

-Dirt Cheap x


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